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Dalian Greensnow Egg Products Development Co.,Ltd. is a premier egg further processor,with advanced egg handling and processing equipment from Europe as well as modern Lysozyme Chloride processing technology from canada, the company produces more than 8000 tons egg powder and 20 tons Lysozyme Chloride annually under the GREENSNOW brand name. The company also manufactures liquid egg products, egg powder soup seasoning, egg yolk globulin, egg white flake and other egg products customized to meet specific customer demand.

The company is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standard and optimally designed to meet stringent HACCP guidelines. Our commitment to exxtensive testing program and meticulous quality control system our quality egg products the industry standard for dependability. With the benefit of long storage life, low transport cost, minimal storage space, safe and ease of use, and less wastage, our products are ideal ingredients for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, household chemical industry, cosmeetic industy,etc. the products can also be used as feed additives.

Our fundamental core values of integrity, quality, and mutual benefit reflect our character as a company and establish expectations, together with advanced equipment and effective management, how we offer our customer consistently excellent products.