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Egg Source Base
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  Dalian Geensnow Egg Products Development Co.,Ltd.Poultry Farm is located in Pulandian City,where is approximately 100 kilometers away from the company main campus.The great separation distances between our poultry facilities and neighbours minimize the potential for nuisance conflicts.The farm is ideally situated in a scenic area with landscape filled with beautiful greenery. The soil is productive with good natural drainage.

      Our modern poultry farm is well equipped with free-choice,automated feeder, automatic water dispenser,mechanical manure removal systems,temperature control system,fanventilation,evaporative cooling pad(CELdek),spray disinfection systems,environmentally-controlled brooders and growout barns,eggs storage,feed storage,cleaning and sisinfection facilities,vererinary clinic,animal incinerators and contemporary employee facilities.

      In addition,the construction on the proposed second phase of our poultry farm is anticipated to be completed in three years.At the appointed time ,the poultry farm will have built a large premier breeding facility.