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Lysozyme Chloride
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Lysozyme Chloride

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Extracted from egg albumen liquid, Lysozyme Chloride can dissolve the cell-wall and sterilize the Gram Positive Bacteria.
Typical application includes:
Sanitation articles(toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum). Drugs(eye drops, tablets, entreric-coated tablets). Preservation additives{it can be used in fresh meat and sea food to extend the shelf life.
Lysozyme Chloride can also be used in cheese to wipe out odor aroused in the fermentation step.
Lysozyme can also be used in wine instead of chemical preservatives).Nutritian(infant milk powder, special drink and milk, special feed).
Recommended dosage: 50 - 500ppm depends on different products.
Shelf life: 18months in cool, dry, sealed conditions; 36 months in frozen conditions.



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