Bravely scale the Peak-- 2023 Dalian Green Snow team Building activity

In order to alleviate the work pressure, create a work atmosphere full of passion, responsibility and happiness, and enable employees to better participate in their future work, the company's union has planned the team-building activity of "Excellence, climbing the Peak, 2023 Joint efforts".

The 4th China International Pet Food Raw material Conference | Dalian Green Snow Egg products Development Co., Ltd.

Dalian Green Snow Egg products demonstrate the Application of various Egg products in Pet Food at the Raw material Conference

The flowers are full of red trees, and labor is the most glorious. Best wishes to May Day. The most beautiful working people. "

May Day International Labour Day is referred to as May Day. On May 1st of each year, it is a common holiday for working people all over the world. The significance of International Labour Day in China lies in that labourers have won their legitimate rights and interests through struggle and indomitable spirit, which is not only the historic progress of human civilization and democracy, but also the quintessence of International Labour Day on May Day.

Bearing expectations, good results will be continued, and we will meet again in Shanghai next year! Dalian Green Snow Egg FIC2023 came to a successful conclusion.

All the encounters are reunited after a long absence. The 3-day exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you, old and new friends, for your presence and guidance, and for your trust and support.

Lei Feng's spirit accompanied me

Lei Feng spirit is the law of life that has nurtured and inspired the Chinese people for generations since the founding of New China, and has thoroughly implemented the great national spirit of unity, peace, unity, peace, diligence, courage, and continuous self-improvement with patriotism as the core.

Egg White Powder

With improved function such as emulsification, heat stability, high whipping volume, foam stability and high gel strength, egg white powder can improve significantly quality.

Whole Egg Powder

similar to egg yolk powder but less fat and more protein.

Egg Yolk Powder

With improved emulsification and rich nutrition content, improve the end-product's sensory quality.


Lysozyme extracted from the egg white is an enzyme which breaks down the cell walls of bacteria, especially Gram-positive bacteria.